Cost per Appointment: $100+ 

Please call the office at 402-884-9059 to inquire about the fee structure.

Insurances Accepted (Under Revision):

Self-schedule your first appointment directly from our website! Please include Insurance info (if applicable). We will TEXT and email you back! Please follow those important instructions. A lack of response/acknowledgement to communication with Journey2Wellness will qualify for appointment cancellation and an offer to reschedule.

 Check with your insurance company that Journey2Wellness is in network for both behavioral AND medical.

We accept Venmo, cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


                             Fees are due in full at the time of service.


      • 60-minute Intake Appointment: $250+

      • 30-minute Follow-up Appointment: $100+

Telephone calls and text messages: No fee for up to five brief calls and text messages per month. Calls/texts that involve more than 5 minutes beyond five brief calls/text messages per month will be prorated at an hourly rate of $250.

Any letters, forms, or documents that you need to be completed are done outside of scheduled appointment times and may be subject to an administrative fee. These may include prior authorization appeals for medications not on your insurance formulary. Payment is due in advance. Fees start at $15 minimum and can be charged depending on the complexity and time involved to complete. Should you require this service, please first speak with the staff so that we can help identify your needs and the appropriate fee.

Please note that the continued availability of our services is contingent upon your being current on your account. Absent extenuating circumstances, we will not see you if you have not paid in full for any and all services rendered by providers, staff, or service persons affiliated with Journey2Wellness.

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